White Pig Inn History

 We Opened for business in 1920! The first building was a log structure...



After a fire the building was replaced with a frame structure. The following photo was made cir. 1940.


Later in the 1940s this building was covered with perma-stone and was used until 1984. The following photo shows how White Pig Inn appeared cir. 1960.


In 1984 the above building was demolished and replaced by the redwood frame structure which is still in use today at the same location! The following photo was made in 2007.


The following photos show the interrior of White Pig Inn during the 1950s.



In its beginning the location of White Pig Inn at US Highway 70 was on the main travel route for east-west USA. Below is a map of Highway 70 today. Originally, US Route 70 stretched from coast-to-coast.


Some of our long-time customers may remember our carhops that were a staple until the late 1960s.

The wood fired pit in the original White Pig Inn was located in the dining area! Today the large pits are located on the end of the building. The meat has always been cooked over an open fire --
Hickory wood only please!



Three generations of the Seaton family have operated at White Pig Inn!

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